Private Johannesburg City tour (half day)

Private Johannesburg City Tour South Africa’s largest city remains its financial and commercial heart. It’s in this fast-paced metropolis that the country’s radical political and social transformation is most evident – this is the ‘Rainbow Nation’ at work. It’s a heady experience, with contrasts of every kind round every single corner.

Private Pretoria City tour (half day)

Private Pretoria City Tour Also sometimes known as the Jacaranda City( you will quickly discover why) Pretoria has established its self as the true capital of South Africa. Named after the voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius, Pretoria offers much in terms of history as well as scenic beauty. Union Buildings

Private Soweto Township tour (half day)

Private Soweto Township Tour The Soweto Townships are at the centre of South African culture and music. SOWETO, acronym for South Western Township, is home to over 2 million people, who, despite living in crowded and chaotic conditions, have a tangible sense of community, one which ironically, the ordered, walled northern