Robben Island has implemented new requirements for those wishing to visit the island, this comes on the back of a near tragedy with ferry Thandi a few months ago in rough seas.

All clients must now provide relevant identification when purchasing a ticket according to the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA). This could be a passport, identity document (ID), birth certificate, or driver’s licence.

Robben Island Museum said the move was part of an ongoing effort to provide guests with the best possible service, says SATSA.

Those visiting the island must ensure that they also have their tickets and identification at hand, at all times to be checked before and after boarding the ferry.

SATSA understands that this is a newly implemented process (without any prior warning), and is both time consuming for operators and difficult to manage with the upcoming high season. SATSA will be looking for ways to engage with the museum to find a workable solution for all those affected.