Covering over 3,6 million hectares of land in both South Africa and Botswana, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park’s red dunes, scrub and camel thorn trees creates a stark, dramatic and beautiful landscape in which meerkat, gemsbok, eland, springbok, blue wildebeest, black-mane lion and leopard roam free.

Soaring above this picture perfect landscape are raptors, hungry for one of the many birds that exist here. The park has three different camps; one of these being Nossob Rest Camp.

Lion spotted just outside Nossob camp

Nossob camp is located within the dry riverbed of the Nossob, surrounded by tree savannah. As guests enter the gate from the south, they will pass a small tree that has become a favourite day home for White-Faced Scops-Owls. Since the animals of the park tend to concentrate at dry riverbeds, the camp is known for its fantastic predator sightings and bird watching opportunities, made better because of the park’s sparse vegetation. Also famous at this camp are the incredible scenes of the seasonal movement of large herbivores.

Nossob cottagesThe camp offers two-person, three-person and four-person chalets, all with a pergola, braai and bathroom with shower as well as a six-person chalet with added lounge and bath.

There are guest houses accommodating groups of four and a family cottage for six. Accommodation is available only on a self-catering basis, but there are communal cooking facilities and a shop with tins and frozen meats and occasional fresh vegetables.

Lions gather in front of the hideDuring a stay at the camp, guests can go on night drives, day walks or the Nossob 4×4 Eco Trail. To enjoy the camp without venturing too far, they can visit the predator information centre, sit at the hide and view game as they gather around a waterhole or cool off in the camp’s small swimming pool.

The best time to visit this arid region is usually between January and April. In summer, day temperatures can exceed 40°C and winter days are sunny with night temperatures often below zero.

Nossob Camp is a simple camp, which allows visitors to enjoy nature at its wildest and most peaceful. Getting back to the basics in this tranquil, magnificent part of the world allows one to get in touch with nature just as it is – wild, untouched and awe-inspiring.