With Cape Town offering so much variety to be experienced on any visit, we have compiled a few reasons why we feel you should consider booking multiple day tours with African Blue Tours.

In Cape Town, it’s not uncommon to experience 4 seasons in a day and even up to 8 seasons on certain moodier days! At African Blue Tours, we pride ourselves in having a deeper understanding than most when it comes to our city’s ever changing weather and are thus in a good position to be able to manage the order of your tours and their daily itineraries, to enable our clients to experience the best possible time in the Mother City.

Our years of experience, allow African Blue Tours to offer the following differentiating factors:

  • Comfort & flexibility: We will provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for you to fully immerse yourself in your bespoke touring experience, always remaining flexible to your needs and wishes.
  • Cape Town weather: Whilst we do not control the weather, we have the local knowledge to minimize its effect on your holiday plans as we are always watching the charts. Where necessary, we will swop your tour days around and even mix up the daily itinerary to maximise our clients touring experience.
  • Real local knowledge: We can offer various “off the beaten track” local secrets and adventures, sometimes traveling in the opposite direction to most, to avoid wasting valuable time in traffic and long queues. Let us take away the guesswork and headache of trying to figure out which tour is best on which day, in addition to suggesting any last minute changes to take advantage of the predicted weather.
  • Customised & personalized itineraries: As our guides get to learn of your preferences and character, they can start suggesting additional places, activities, restaurants and even secluded beaches that will enhance your Cape Town experience, all the while trying their best to cover all of your requests over the time spent with them on tour.
  • Professionalism: If you wish, our guides can talk all day long however they also know how to quickly find the right balance for each client. We actually prefer to let our 300+ Tripadvisor reviews and “Certificate of Excellence” awards for the past 5 years do the talking for us, please take a look here.
  • Provide preparation and prevent repetition: By using our guides on multiple tours, they will be able to further prepare your remaining days spent with them to suit your preferences and special requests. You will also avoid having to start all over again with a new guide and the inherent small talk with repetitive commentary that comes with this change.

Obviously we can’t offer all the tours and activities ourselves, the above facts are just to point out why you should consider using our services for multiple day tours during your stay in our beautiful city. To view these itineraries, please visit our website here.

Let us take care of the details and you sit back and enjoy your holiday.

What Clients’ Say

Below are a few relevant Tripadvisor reviews that expand on our post above …

Amazing Tour around Cape Town
5 of 5 stars
16 September 2016
We booked 3 days personalized trips around Cape Town with African Blue Tours. Our guide, Duncan, made the trip simply marvelous. Our original 3 day itinerary was changed a little bit to suit the weather conditions which worked completely to our favour. Duncan was very knowledgeable, readily answered all our questions and enriched us with his valuable insights of the neighbourhood. He ensured we were comfortable and planned the trip to our pace and likes. He also put in some extra effort to ensure we experienced the most beautiful sunset along False Bay.
Highly recommended by us !
Sushant_15, Pune, India
Excelent 2 days with Duncan
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 5 May 2016
Perfect way to enjoy Cape Town and outstanding customer service. We booked a private Cape Peninsula tour and private transport to the Aquila safari. Based on the weather David switched the tours so we would have the best possible weather on the Cape tour – turned out perfectly. Duncan was an excellent guide – friendly and informative yet didn’t feel the need to talk the whole time which I appreciated. He offered suggestions along the way that we could decide what to do: extra wine tour stop on the way back from the Safari, making lunch reservations for us at Cape Point. Highly recommend this company!
Wessbkl, Illinois, USA
Cape Point 1 day tour
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 16 July 2017
Matthew contacted me at our hotel the day before our planned trip to say the weather forecast for the following day was not very good and did we want to leave the tour till the day after? This proved to be a good plan as the weather the day after was great. African Blue Tours did not have to do this. It just shows that they want to give the customer the best experience possible, and if that means putting a trip off till a better day then so be it.
We had a very enjoyable day with Matthew and the good weather compared with the day before made a big difference. He was able to adapt the tour to our requirements, to fit in places we wanted to see and leave out places that we had already seen. He had a good depth of knowledge and was able to answer most questions put to him along the way. If you do book a tour with African Blue (and I would certainly recommend you do) and are lucky enough to get Matthew as your guide, just ask him how far south of Cape Point does the Southern Ocean start? Lets see if he has googled it yet.
Waveydavey1959, London, UK
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 30 May 2016
I have to commend this company for their flexibility and professionalism.
Duncan was our guide and he was most knowledgeable (facts and figures on the ready); friendly and quite frankly saved us a lot of time and hassle. We were booked to go to Table Mountain the next day and if it weren’t for Duncan we would never have gone, as the weather changed the next day and the mountain cable way closed. He was kind enough to double check for us and organised for us to go that very day… I would recommend this company to anyone going to Cape Town as they will give you the full experience of the city and its sights but with none of the hassle. We where picked up and dropped off on time as well.
Anamika101, Durban, South Africa
Always one step a head of our needs and wants (Best Trip & Experiences)
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 13 March 2017
From the beginning of our communication with African Blue Tours David was extremely helpful. He assisted with knowledge of what can and cannot work, but also responded quickly to all of my questions (and I asked a million questions). Communicating with David made it easy to complete our itinerary and also at a great price compared to other tour companies. I truly thought this was a major company with tons of workers based on the website setup, prompt responses, professionalism etc. When I learned it was a smaller company it made me even happier to work with them.
What was amazing to me was how quickly they worked to make every unexpected change work out for us. David and our guide Duncan, were always one step a head. They were always on time, prompt, and friendly. We had a blast with Duncan, picking his brain about the history of what we were seeing, and it was a great time. Rather than feeling like we had a tour guide with us, it truly just felt like we had a group of friends going about Cape Town.
When we made changes (sometimes last minute to the itinerary) they worked with us. We added a friend to the tour, we asked to change around dates to accompany a proposal.. but through it all Duncan was already making calls, making adjustments. One of these adjustments including us wanting to do a township tour. On the way back from one of our tours, and some how they made it work for us the very next day.
I have truly never seen a more organized, fun, and informational tour as this. I would definitely recommend it to everyone if they go to Cape Town (They can also organize pick ups in Johannesburg as well they did that for us.)

Overall we did Shark Cage Diving, Township Tour, Cape Town Peninsula, Cape Town City Tour.

Thank you so much Duncan and David for making our trip to South Africa one we will truly never forget. And thanks for putting up with all of our craziness in the car rides.

DrWanderlust88, Florida, USA