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African Blue Tours has been based here in Cape Town since its beginning and the thing we really love is to be able to to share it with people who want to come and find out what all the fuss is about.  If you’ve ever talked to a friend who has visited Cape Town, you’ll have an idea about how special a place it really is.


What the team loves about what we do is being able to  give a more personalized and fun experience than most tour companies can offer whilst having an amazing time ourselves. It’s great knowing everything there is to know about a place (and we do), but if your guide can’t make you smile, then what’s the point. 


We love showing you the unique events of the South African wildlife calendar, If you want to see whales breaching in Hermanus then we’re your first call. If you want to watch a pride of lions take down a zebra in the Kruger National Park, or a tribal dance in Kwa-Zulu Natal, we’re the first call. 


South Africa is not just about the big spectacular sights though. If you want to cruise down the most incredible coastal road in the world through the Garden Route then we’d be happy to come along and show you some of the well loved (and the more hidden) gems we have here. If it’s a serene sunset overlooking a white beach you are after then we know a few killer spots too. 


It’s important that you get a specialized, knowledgeable service. I specialize in Cape Town and Garden Route tours, but South Africa is a big country and we can’t cover it all. In our travels and time in the industry we’ve have met the best and most trustworthy guides in their fields. Some of our tours will be led by these people and organisations, and we guarantee that they will be the right people for the area to best provide a personalized and specialist tour for you.


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