Isn’t Camps Bay beautiful, this little, fancy seaside town just on the other side of our beloved Table Mountain?  Imagine having this view everyday.. from your office!

In my humble opinion Camps Bay is best visited on a cloudy day, smack bang in the middle of the week.
Why you ask? Have you seen Camps Bay on a clear, hot day?
It’s as if every Capetonian decides that a trip to Camps Bay beach is the perfect day out, and they all decend onto the ‘strip’ like ants to sugar. The best way to describe it is a mad-house!

So if you’re deciding to visit our idylic beach, leave the car at home, come early and don’t forget your purse! All those restaurants and bars are very, very tempting when the sun gets a bit hot and you need some shade! That’s just my suggestion though…

Wait… Did I even introduce myself at all?  My name is Bianca, the newest employee of African Blue Tours. I started my work as a travel consultant only a few months ago and after being thrown into the deep end by my employer David Smith, 8-O I have actually started to feel quite at home and am loving the experience!

I moved to Cape Town the week my studies finished and I was very lucky to get a job the very next week! African Blue Tours was actually my first interview and you know when you have a feeling, you have a feeling!

So, David has now asked me to write my own blog  for African Blue Tours. Horrible job isn’t it, having to blog during work hours? ;-) So, as I embrace every part of my job, I’ll be bringing you the younger, fresher view on the real world out there, the Cape Town we all come to love and the tourism industry that keeps us alive!

Most of my blogs will revolve around photos, because photography is one of my passions, besides travelling of course.  I love playing around with the contrasts and saturation of photos, they just seem so much more colourful and happy! :mrgreen:

Here is one of the beautiful sunsets you can expect to see when you visit Camps Bay.