South Africa is suffering from a water shortage. Since January 2016 the City of Cape Town has declared water restrictions. These affect institutes, residents but also tourists.

The rainfall per m² in SA is between 300-500 mm during one year. This is much less than the worldwide average. In addition the water is unequally distributed because the rain is seasonal and in some regions it is raining a lot more than in others. The clouds get stuck in the eastern mountain ranges resulting in less rainfall in the western regions.

The Western Cape area is especially under threat of water shortage by 2030, which will make it impossible to cater for all of its inhabitants. To add to the pressure on water resources, the Western Cape is also one of the most visited areas of South Africa by international and domestic tourists.

Below you will find some tips on how you can save water during your stay in South Africa, so you help the local community and their future water supply:

–       Use the shower instead of the bath tub

–       Do not spend more time than necessary in the shower

–       Use towels in your hotel multiple times

–       Fill some water in the sink when washing the dishes instead of letting it run

–       Turn off the water while soaping or brushing teeth

–       Catch cold water while you are waiting for warm water and use it for different  purposes (for example to water the plants)

–       Do not turn on the washing machine for only a few things

–       Use puplic transport