Due to the rapid increase in rhino poaching, the Sabi Reserve has implemented an additional control for guests arriving at the Sabi gates. Guests will now need to produce proof of their reservation at any of the Private Lodges before entering the reserve. If they cannot produce the required documentation they will be delayed at the gate while authenticity of the booking is checked with the lodge.

Andrew Parker, the CEO of the Sabi Wildtuin, says, ” Based on losses for the year to date, the projection is that South Africa will lose 1000 rhino to poachers this year alone. Already this year we have lost more than were lost in 2009, which in itself represented a year of record losses which have only been surpassed each subsequent year since. Despite everything that is being done, South Africa is losing the war against rhino poaching. Strategically, the SSW has adopted any number of measures to try and proactively counter the threat but these have been rendered largely ineffective due to the tactical advantage that the poachers enjoy – they are dictating the time, place and scale of engagement and can hide in plain sight within the neighbouring communities. They also have easy access to our entire 75km perimeter. Almost all of the SSW’s losses have been within 1km of the fence which means our window of opportunity to catch the poachers is very narrow indeed. This is compounded by the fact that we have no jurisdiction beyond the perimeter fence. Hence, unless we get advance warning of a planned incursion, our ability to deflect the threat is greatly constrained. In any war where the terms of engagement are dictated entirely by an enemy that is not constrained by any rules whatsoever, there can sadly be only one winner. The loss of over 150 rhino this year alone is testimony to this reality.”

As you can see from above, South Africa is facing a HUGE problem with the ever growing slaughter of our Rhinos. The escalating numbers for 2013 presently sits at 158 and we are only half way though March!

South Africa lost 668 rhinos in 2012 alone!

You can keep abreast of one of the many anti-poaching initiatives here – http://www.uniteagainstpoaching.co.za